KopBuster Suing City of Odessa, OPD, Texas Rangers and Others

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Another chapter is being written in the KopBusters saga.

The man, once considered among America's top drug enforcement officers, has filed a lawsuit against a laundry list of defendants.

The 30 page document was filed in the United States District Court, Western District, in Austin last Friday.  Barry Cooper, his wife Candi and four minor defendants are suing over 20 listed defendants.

The lawsuit asks for $40 million, saying it involves a real conspiracy against the Coopers, because of his controversial videos, "Never Get Busted" and the "KopBusters" reality show.

The couples say there's been an ongoing conspiracy against them.  The main reason for this conspiracy is retaliation. They say law enforcement officials, like the Odessa Police Department, were embarrassed after being caught in sting operations meant to expose police corruption.

The suit alleges the conspiracy has been going on for over four years and involves judges, law enforcement agencies and officers, lawyers and civilians in several Texas counties.

The suit goes on to say the conspiracy was put in place to maliciously prosecute and falsely imprison them, simply for exercising their right to freedom of speech.

The Coopers say they will drop the suit if all officers, in all the agencies involved, are fired.

NewsWest 9 contacted the City of Odessa for a comment on the suit, they issued this statement.

"The City has not been officially served or notified of a suit by Barry Cooper.  It is the City's practice to not comment on any pending litigation."

The Coopers are filing this lawsuit without advice from an attorney.  They have also recently signed a movie deal, in Hollywood, for a feature film on their lives.