New MISD Superintendent Has Ambitious Goals

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - He may be a new Midland resident, but Ryder Warren is no stranger when it comes to the West Texas area.

"I've had family here for years, my aunts are here so I have a bunch of cousins running around we're blessed to be here," Ryder Warren said.

Now that Warren is the new Superintendent for MISD, making improvements is something he is prepared to do.

"My first year I know that I have to shut up and listen to what the problems and concerns are the school board wants nothing less than academic excellence and my job is to do that," Warren said.

Warrens plans to meet with everyone he can that's involved in the community since he says it takes team effort to accomplish success.

"What I've heard so far that impressed me is that people don't just care about the kids, they care about the entire community. In everything they do, they want excellence," Warren said.

One other thing he wants the community to know is that every change that will be made in the school district will be made with the taxpayers in mind.

"We'll make sure we're prudent with taxpayers money especially in this kind of economy," Warren said.