Pecos EMS Delaying Plane Agreement With O'Hara After Crash in Alpine

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - A plan to bring a new air ambulance to Pecos comes to a screeching halt after Sunday's plane crash in Alpine. The plane that went down was owned by the same company Pecos officials had been considering.

Now, emergency and city officials in Pecos find themselves with a pretty tough decision. They want to bring a new air ambulance service to town, and they were going to consider the plan at this week's city council meeting. However, for now, they are holding off on accepting an agreement.

For the past few months, EMS officials say they have been in touch with O'Hara Flying Service about using a small fixed-wing plane to airlift patients to hospitals, like in Odessa. Sunday morning's crash involving one of those fixed-wing planes is still under investigation. So, city members say they will likely table any agreement. They want to give federal authorities time to figure out what happened.

It's possible a deal with O'Hara could be back on the agenda for the next city council meeting. However, officials said they will delay out of respect for the families and to get more information on the investigation before they make a final decision.