Missing Man Mystery Solved by Concerned Citizens

by Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

A West Texas man with mental problems was missing, but thanks to a concerned citizen who saw a flyer, his mother no longer has to worry.

Norma Rosales was frantic trying to track down her son Jerry Rosales.

It turns out Midland Police found him Tuesday and took him to a halfway house in Midland.

Still Norma Rosales says the Texas Department of Criminal Justice messed up and dropped him off in the wrong city.

She says he was supposed to be shipped to San Angelo on July 1 after he was released from prison in Huntsville.

She was supposed to pick him up to stay with her, but instead she says he was put on a Greyhound bus to Odessa.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) says there was no mistake.

They told NewsWest 9, Jerry Rosales was told to leave Odessa and go to his grandmother's house in Lamesa.

The problem, she's moved to a new home and Jerry was given the old address.

To find him his mother started putting up flyers in Midland, Odessa and anywhere else she can think of when she got to town on Sunday.

Jerry Rosales was in prison for about 5 years after being convicted of assault and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression.

Now Norma Rosales doesn't have to worry. She says she knows her son did wrong, and served his time for it, but she claims she contacted the state to let them know the address was wrong but they didn't fix it.

"This wouldn't have happened if they would have gotten the correct paperwork," Norma Rosales said. "Because they were advised, they were informed of the correct address, he was supposed to parole out and not go a bogus ghost address in Lamesa. They were advised of it on June 24. So if they would have corrected it, they would have had to flag him or stop the release for a two week period. Ok fine. He's done 5 years what was two weeks more?"

The TDCJ told NewsWest 9 they didn't do anything wrong.

They say they checked the address before releasing Jerry Rosales

Now, there's a warrant out for his arrest because the 24 year old did not report to his parole officer.