City of Midland Working to Control the Mosquito Population

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - One of the downsides to all the rain we've had over the last week is mosquitoes.

The City of Midland says they're dealing with the pests by sending out work crews in the early morning hours to fog when the wind is at a minimum.

They're also putting larvicide pellets in standing water to prevent the mosquito larvae from maturing.

Here are some things you can do keep the mosquito population down.

Empty out anything that catches water like bowls, old tires, pots, and toys.

Keep grass and weeds cut.

And if you go out in the evening, wear long-sleeves and pants and use mosquito repellant to keep from getting bit.

If you want to file a complaint about mosquitoes in your neighborhood, call the Midland Health Department at 681-7613.