Fireworks Vendors Turning Recent Rains and Canceled Events Into Profits

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The 4th of July is almost here, and firework vendors are gearing up for a sellout on Saturday. However, it's not good news for everyone. Firecracker Fandango in Odessa, along with other celebrations have been canceled because of the rain. On Friday, NewsWest 9 learned how vendors are turning that loss into their profit.

For Nancy Wells and board members of Main Street Odessa, canceling one if not the biggest show in the Permian Basin comes as a disappointment. With recent rains, and more on the radar for Saturday, they said the decision to cancel was out of their hands. Now Wells and others are still trying to figure what can be salvaged and how much money they and others have lost in the process.

"A lot of our funds that we raise are already spent in advance. We are printing, we are advertising, we are buying supplies," Nancy Wells, Executive Director at Main Street Odessa, explained. "So, we fully expect that we will take a pretty serious hit."

With many events canceled or delayed, a lot of West Texans are investing in a 4th of July show for themselves. Managers at a Truckload Fireworks warehouse off of Highway 191 told NewsWest 9 with the rain and with many firework shows canceled, they are seeing more business.

"I think the rain has helped so much because people feel more comfortable popping fireworks with the ground being so wet verses past years it's been so dry and so people are worried about popping on their land," Truckload Fireworks Manager, Baylie Heifner, said. "So, compared to last year, the first couple of days are really slow, and so this first week we have done so well that we just know that the 3rd and 4th will be crazy."

With no burn ban in place for Midland or Ector counties, if there is a break in the rain many expect to see lots of individual celebrations late Saturday night.

Firework vendors like Truckload said they expect to be open all day Saturday and overnight into Sunday morning. Keep in mind, many of them will close up midnight on Sunday. 

As for Firecracker Fandango, if you still have your ticket, hang on to it. Main Street Odessa may hold a make-up event in several months.