Gardendale Becomes Neighborhood Watch Community

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9 

GARDENDALE - It seems to be nothing but peace and quiet on one cul-de-sac and residents in the Pampas Estates subdivision want to keep it that way. 

"They've called about a stray dog but no major problems," Lt. Roy Gladden, Ector County Sheriff's Dept., said. 

So far Pampas Estates is the only one with an active neighborhood watch in all of Gardendale, and authorities say this program is almost a guaranteed success. 

"Neighborhood watches are a good concept anywhere. The neighbors know each other and what cars they drive. If anyone strange in the neighborhood shows up they call us and that's what we encourage them to do," Lt. Gladden said. 

Since this is the only neighborhood watch in the area, officials hope, it won't be too long before others join in. 

"It's word of mouth out there and it will spread all they have to do is contact the office and that's never a problem," Lt. Gladden said. 

Lt. Gladden added that since the neighborhood watch has been in effect, burglaries are down in Gardendale.

Also if anyone is interested in starting a neighborhood watch; contact the Ector County Sheriff's Department.