Workforce Solutions Helping Youth Get Jobs

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Workforce Solutions in Big Spring is trying to help young people find jobs for the summer, but these jobs aren't the ordinary fast-food and retail types.

A new employment program will help younger people explore careers that they might be interested in. All Workforce Solutions needs is more employers to step up and participate.

"It's very important to the young people that have no skills and have never worked before. It's very important to help them and develop the skills that are needed," Workforce Development Specialist, Sylvia Miramontes, said.

The project targets people 16 to 24 years old looking for a job. They will earn minimum wage and will work 30 hours a week for eight weeks and Workforce Solutions tries to place the kids in an area that they are interested in.

"What we try to do is get the young people's goals when we start out, that's what we start out with, the youth are going to school and they are studying or what to study towards a career," Miramontes said.

Workforce Solutions then tries to look for employers that are interested in hiring. The best part for the businesses is they don't have to spend a dollar. Workforce Solutions pick up the tab.

"We pay 7.25 an hour, 30 hours a week. The employer does not pay anything. We provide their workman's comp," Miramontes said.

The funding for this program comes from Texas Workforce Commission and the Federal Recovery Act.

Workforce hopes to help the entire community.

"Here in our community, they will get paid they will spend the money here in our own community, which will make more dollars for our community," Miramontes said.

The program started June 4rth and should last until the second week of August. Eligibility is based on income. There are 50 job openings in Howard, Glasscock, Dawson and Borden counties. For more information, you can contact the Workforce Solution in Big Spring.