12-Year-Old Boy Walking Across America

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - He's made national TV and enjoyed a lot of recognition. While most kids are out enjoying their summer playing, one 12-year-old is going above and  beyond to try to help other kids. This weekend, he made his way through West Texas.

"I'm currently walking to bring awareness to the homeless children," Zach Bonner, who's walking across America, said.

12-year-old Zach Bonner is walking across America to help kids his age.

"There is a big misunderstanding on why kids are homeless and a lot of people believe because they don't want to follow the rules at home. But a lot of them their situation at home is out of their control because of abuse," Bonner said.

Zach's foundation the Little Red Wagon is trying to help and bring awareness to the 1 million homeless adolescents.

This is not the first time Zach has tried the walk. Zach started walking for a cause back in 2007.

"Previous to this I did a walk from Tampa to Washington DC. Then I walked from Tampa to Tallahassee," Bonner said.

His march across America began in December of 2009 in Tampa, Florida. He will eventually end up in Los Angeles in mid September. His walk will cover more than 2,400 miles.

"I get up around 4:00 a.m. so we can get out before the heat and usually walking by 5:00a.m. and we walk for about 15 miles in morning. We take a break and go back around 7:00 and once it's cooler, we walk about 4 to 5 more miles," Bonner said.

With him every step of the way is his family. They are extremely proud to be a part of this project.

"I think it's really a good thing that he is doing this. It's really hard to walk that for everyday.  I'm just really proud of him, I think he is doing a good job, his mind is in the right place," Zach's brother, Mathew Chesney, said.

Zach has also gotten recognition for his hard work.

"I received the presidential call to service award from president George Bush," Bonner said.

Even though Zach still has a long way to go, he knows that all of this hard work will be worth it in the end.

"I hope the general public sees the truth about homeless children and why they are actually homeless," Bonner said.

Zach is also doing projects along his walk to help homeless kids. He hopes to raise $100,000 by the end of his walk.