Big Rig Crash Causes Concern For Midland Drivers

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - It brought traffic to halt and sent one driver to the hospital. A big rig wreck on Interstate 20 this week is getting attention from Midland County drivers. They said as bad as it was on Wednesday, it could happen again.

"It scares you a lot. Because you know that you are going to be hurt if you have a collision," Midland County Resident, Glenda Southerland, said. "The 18-wheeler is not going to, but I drive a small car and I know if I hit one of them either I will be dead or I will be hurt."

For drivers on Interstate 20 near East Loop 250, it's a daily sight: Trucks, big rigs and all kinds of vehicles speeding from point A to point B. Wednesday's crash in a construction area in east Midland County shows just how bad it can get. The driver flipped and wrecked. He had to be pried out, then airlifted.

"So I was watching the news and I saw that the 18-wheeler that was delivering dirt to the construction area that had turned over, and I turned to my husband and 'I said I'm not surprised.' I knew that would eventually happen because of the high rate of speed that the truckers come down through here," Southerland explained.

Southerland told NewsWest 9, she's lived near I-20 on County Road 1110 for over 30 years, and with more construction and growth, she said it's bringing in more and more gravel trucks, hurrying to make their deliveries. She added they're not always driving the speed limit.  
It's scary, she said, because what happened Wednesday morning could happen again, and again. She said both DPS Troopers and TX-DOT have told her they will do what they can to catch and stop speeders in the area. However, she fears the worst will have to happen before things change.