Medical Condition Could Keep Accused Murderer From Going to Trial

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--New developments in the case of an Odessa man accused of gunning down and killing three Odessa Police officers in 2007.

NewsWest 9 has learned, defense attorneys have filed a motion that could keep him from going to trial.

According to an affidavit filed by attorney Ray Fivecoat, he's asking for a continuance because his client 61-year old Larry Neal White is incompetent to stand trial.

The five page document is a sworn statement from White's current doctor, Odessa Oncologist, Renuka Borra.

Borra says White suffers from cancer of the esophagus and that it has spread to his right lung and one lymph node.

According to Borra, because of his condition, White's treatment options are limited.  He's has had one chemotherapy treatment since May and is also on pain medication.

In his statement, Borra says as the cancer spreads, White will get so weak he won't be able to sit in a chair for more than an hour per day.  The side effects of his medications and chemotherapy will leave him mentally unable to participate in the preparation for his trial.

Borra says White has approximately eight months to live.  With an aggressive, successful, chemotherapy treatment, he could live up to 16 months.

White's trial is set to start in August in Howard County.  He faces the death penalty for the Shooting deaths of Officers Arlie Jones, Scott Gardner and Abel Marquez.

Attorneys for both sides were not available for comment.