Two Teens Behind Bars After Shooting in Toyah

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

TOYAH - It's not the kind of crime that happens everyday in the small town of Toyah, a woman's home comes under fire by a string of bullets.

Now, two teens are behind bars for the scare.

They say it was an accident, but the family doesn't buy it.

"It was just like a normal Friday afternoon. I was going outside to water my plants and my trees," Elida Machuca said.

Then bullets started flying.

"I heard something whistle by me and then I felt as one literally went into my hair and it grabbed my hair out of my ponytail," Machuca said. "At that instance I knew what it was, I dropped down and as I was crawling to get something in between me and the gunfire I called 911 and said 'please help me. Please help me somebody's shooting.'"

"For a minute there I thought they were coming towards the property," she said. "I thought they're going to come and end my life and do away with me someone how."

In the end, Machuca wasn't hit. But police found 9 bullets in the side of her home.

Officers later learned two 14-year-old boys were responsible.

"We had to spread out; our deputies and Pecos PD," Captain Reno Lewis, said. "One of the deputies was talking to some juveniles during the process, one of them admitted to it and then the other admitted they were the ones doing the shooting."

Now the teens are on route to a detention center in San Angelo.

They're being charged with deadly conduct, which is a felony, as well as criminal mischief charges.

The teens were shooting out of a red building about 300 yards away.

After the teens were arrested, officers confiscated 11 weapons total during their initial investigation.

Despite firing rifles with scopes, the teens say they were shooting at birds, not Machuca.

"I don't believe it was an accident," Machuca's brother, Bart Sanchez, said. "It appears that it was deliberate."

"The birds are up top at least 30 feet up," Machuca said. "I'm down here, five feet off the ground."

Accident or not, Captain Lewis says the family's lucky no one was hurt.

While the boys sit behind bars awaiting possible punishment, the Machuca's are trying to get back to normal.

"As children they tend to progress and forget," Machuca said. "As an adult, I'll remember this from this moment on until the Lord calls me home. It will always stay with me."

The Machuca family says they're also angry with a Reeves County judge who released the boys to their family Friday night after the incident.

NewsWest 9 spoke with that judge on Monday and he said with no prior record and a good family, he didn't think they boys needed to be detained.