TelVista Call Center Closing at the End of the Summer

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - 270 Odessa workers - out of a job. On Monday, TelVista employees learned their company will be shutting it's doors at the end of the summer. Company executives say they just can't keep up with the oil industry in West Texas.

"Shocked," TelVista Employee, Yvonne Jackson, said. "Now I'm going to have to try and find another job. It's tough out there trying to find a job and when you've got a job that you love, it's even worse."

Yvonne is just one of almost 300 people who found out Monday they'll lose their jobs. She tells NewsWest 9, her fear is finding a way to take care of her two children.

"Finding a way to meet our needs, to help us with the rent, the groceries, clothes - that's the main thing," Jackson said. "I'm using public transportation, so I've got to find one on the bus route."

On Monday, NewsWest 9 learned from the Chamber of Commerce that this is the last call center open in Odessa. During the past 4 years, all 5 call centers have shut their doors - that's because of a dropping demand for their services.

"We're sad to hear it," Gary Vest, Director of Odessa Economic Development, said. "Anytime you have 270 people that are all of a sudden without a job - that's traumatic. The payroll at TelVista has been very instrumental in this community. It has a multiplier affect and we're going to hate to lose that."

People who work at TelVista take inbound calls, meaning they contract with companies to answer customers questions. They have quite a few other locations across the U.S. and company officials say they're not going to leave their employees, like Ryan, out to dry.

"In all reality, TelVista is taking great strides to help the agents who work here and the staff," TelVista Employee, Ryan Ferguson, said. "They're making sure they have people coming out to help us find new jobs. They're making efforts to help people move and facilitate a smooth transition for both the customers and clients of TelVista as well as the agents who work here."

TelVista says they'll offer counseling, resumé courses and relocation opportunities.