New Midland City Ordinance Could Prohibit Cars From Parking On Front Lawns

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Pretty soon, anyone who parks their cars on their front lawn could face a hefty fine.

In Tuesday's City Council meeting, officials plan to set out a city code that prohibits cars being parked in the front yard of any residential property. 

City officials say there is a definite need for a city code to deal with the problem. Since 2005, more than 215 citations were given to people parking on their front lawns.

NewsWest 9 walked around neighborhoods asking what residents thought about the new code ordinance, and many of them say they should be allowed to park their cars where they please as long as it isn't harming anyone.

The Midland City Council will discuss the new ordinance at Tuesday's meeting starting at 10 a.m.