City of Big Spring Trying To Prevent Drivers from Texting While Driving

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Texting and driving is dangerous and has taken many lives.  Now Big Spring officials are trying to get the drivers to keep the roads text free.

Many of us are guilty of texting while driving but the City of Big Spring is trying to tackle the problem.

Howard County's Office of Dispute Resolution came up with the idea of creating a banner that will get people's attention. They want adults and teenagers to realize what a big danger it is to text while on the road.

Officials from different organizations were invited to sign the banner on Friday as an example to others but they are not only asking for signatures on the banner they want people to follow through with the pledge.

"It's important to sign a pledge, but carry through with it," Big Spring Fire Chief, Brian Jensen, said..

"You and your car have the ability to hurt other people. Or you can kill others you don't only have a responsibility to yourself it's to others,"  Municipal Court Judge, Timothy Green, said.

The banner is also sponsored by Scenic Mountain Medical Center. The banner will be taken around the city to get as many people to sign it and could be hanging in a public place soon.