Kids Breaking Curfew in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - School's out for summer, which means some kids are out and about at night breaking curfew, especially at Comanche Trail Park. Now, Big Spring officials are being forced to keep more watchful eyes after hours.

Comanche Trail Park seems to be the hot spot for teenagers even after hours but authorities are warning parents that kids found out after curfew could pay big. Big Spring curfew for teenagers 16 and under is 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

City officials say the main problem this summer is minors hanging out at the park after closing time. Comanche Trail Park closes at 10:00p.m. just in time for the kids to make it home before curfew. Authorities want parents to know if juveniles are found wondering in the park or anywhere else, they could be fined.

"If they are out at these hours, one it just looks unusual. Two, that they're probably influenced by our other element out there and three, hopefully we are bringing something to the parents attention that your kid is out," Municipal Court Judge, Timothy Green, said.

Police officers are combing through the park after hours making sure no one is inside. Ultimately, the city's main goal is to keep kids safe and protected.