Bus Accident Drill Prepares Emergency Crews

by Diane Tuazon 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - In an emergency situation you hope the right people come to your aide as quick as possible.

On Thursday morning, several emergency response units in Odessa came together for a disaster drill to learn how to handle extreme emergency situations.

It wasn't long before sirens came blazing down the street in response to a
'so called' bus accident involving 45 passengers.

"They came pretty fast, before we knew it, we heard the sirens," Volunteer Patient, Connie Craddock said.

Medical Center Hospital, Odessa Regional Medical Center, Odessa College and the City of Odessa EMS units participated in a re-enacted bus accident to test the response time if a major accident were to happen.

"What's important is that they go through some type of system based on their injuries and decide if they are a class green, yellow, or red," Asst. Fire Chief, Taner Drake, said.

Volunteers who were posing as patients say a drill to prepare people is vital to the community.

"I would hope they could get to us fast is something like this were to happen," Craddock said.

"I want to be a firefighter, so it's cool to see things on the other side," Volunteer, Isaac Sanchez said.

Authorities say Thursday's drill turned out to be a success for all emergency response units. Odessa firefighters say they have these drills at least twice a year, and this time, he says the number of volunteers have increased.