Man Shot at Midland Apartment Complex

MIDLAND - Midland Police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex. It happened Tuesday night around 11:50 at the Northridge Court Apartments.

Officers found 34-year-old Toby Stewart on the patio of an apartment. He had been shot once in the upper chest with a 45-caliber pistol.

Police say an argument broke out between Stewart and a female who were both attending a get-together at the apartment. The female had another male friend pick her up from the apartment. An altercation occurred in the parking lot between to the two males, which led to Stewart being shot.
Stewart returned to the apartment and waited for emergency medical personnel and police to arrive.
Stewart was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital and treated at the emergency room.

Police know the identity of the shooter and detectives are working on securing a warrant for the arrest of the shooter for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.