Simple Mistake Puts Midland Man's Information in Strangers Hands

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - One Midland man learned the hard way, one little slip up and your identity could be at risk and it wasn't even his fault.

Turns out his banking information wound up in the hands of a stranger after a check order company made an honest mistake.

It seemed like a routine run to the mailbox for Eugene Norum on Monday, but a letter from an Amarillo woman changed all of that.

"Yesterday, I got a letter in the mail stating that she had my deposit slips," Norum said. "It bothered me that my deposit slips with my account number were out there."

Norum bought checks from, a Better Business Bureau accredited online company, but one honest mistake meant his and other's checking information was sent to strangers.

"I was glad to see there was a very honest person out there and she had the courtesy to write me a letter," Norum said.

Trish Powell says in cases like this, people can contact the Better Business Bureau.

"This situation is definitely a concern for a consumer and a business," Powell said. "What they can do is they can contact the company and try to work with them directly and get the issue resolved. In the event that they are not satisfied with that process, they can contact the Better Business Bureau to file an official complaint.

The company did apologize and offered Norum a refund, but he says the damage is done.

"I watch my bank account like every half hour since I got this letter from her," Norum said. "And I talked to my bank and they said either they would suspend and stop all payments, just watch it or I could cancel my account."

Powell says there are things shoppers can do protect themselves.

If you plan on giving personal information via the web, the Better Business Bureau suggests you do three things. Number one; do your homework and check out the company and make sure it's reputable. Two; look at the web address. If there an "s" at the end of the http that's one sign it's a secure site. Three; look for a lock icon.

Norum says he did all of that, now he wants others to also double check their purchases.