Bomb Scare Comes to an End in Hobbs, New Mexico

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - Continuing coverage on a story NewsWest 9 has been covering all weekend.

A bomb scare in Hobbs, New Mexico is over after the U.S. Army safely transported the device to properly dispose of it.

Since Friday, local, state and federal authorities were monitoring an area between the junior college and the western heritage museum.

The bomb was an old World War II device first found last week while locals were digging in White City, New Mexico.

They brought it back and asked the museum if they wanted it then brought it over Thursday.

Authorities had been trying to figure out if there was any possible danger.

Authorities called in expert army explosive ordnance officers from out of the state.

They say because of the size of the bomb, they need expert help to identify and properly dispose of it.

Those experts said on Sunday that the bomb does not belong in a museum and transported it out of town to make sure no one is harmed.

Police say it no one has been hurt and it does not look like Hobbs residents were in danger.