Compact Commission Meeting Saturday in Andrews

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The Texas Compact Commission is holding a meeting Saturday at Andrews High School to discuss their plans for the Waste Control Specialists site, and folks on both sides of the debate are getting ready.

The Compact Commission will decide if WCS can take low-level radio active waste from across the country.

"It concerns me for the sake of my children I don't want their health to be at risk," Chelsi Crutcher, who is against WCS, said.

The organization 'Promote Andrews' is all for bringing alcohol into the city limits, but radioactive waste is a different story. They'll be protesting outside the meeting.

"What happens if there's a leak? Accidents still happen and history repeats itself. So many times there's been leaks at other dump sites, that's what I'm worried about," Promote Andrews member, Elizabeth Wheeler, said.

Others are curious to see the positive things WCS could bring to their community and WCS has repeatedly said their site is safe and will provide a vital service to the country.

"It sets my mind at ease when they say they'll take care of things well. The jobs that would come into this community would be great," Leann Patterson, who supports WCS, said.

Jobs or not, Promote Andrews isn't backing down from their stance.

"We are the opposition, and we'll stand strong with what we believe in," Wheeler said.

There is plenty of support in town for WCS as well. Some local businesses are putting up signs to show their support for the company and what has meant to Andrews.

The meeting gets underway Saturday morning.