Meals On Wheels Checking on the Elderly During Hot Summer Months

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Every morning, Meals on Wheels takes food to their elderly clients, but with temperatures climbing into the triple digits they're doing more than just dropping off meals.

"We have each volunteer check client to see how they're doing in the heat and make sure they have AC or a fan, with temps rising it gets harder for elderly," Meals On Wheels Executive Director, Margaret Burton said.

The organization is also lacking volunteers to help make these rounds.

"We don't have as much volunteers, maybe it's because of the heat, but this time around there's not enough," Diana Ramirez, who delivers food, said.

Last summer, Meals On Wheels gave out about 70 electric fans to their clients and several new AC units, but this year, no one has made any requests.