New Details Released in Connection with Storm Chaser Lawsuit

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

CRANE COUNTY- New details concerning the lawsuit two storm chasers are bringing against Crane County officials.

On Monday, NewsWest 9 received a copy of the suit.

On top of saying a sheriff's deputy unlawfully arrested storm chaser Brian Barns in May 2008, it claims the same deputy also assaulted his colleague Rene Fournier and put them both in danger.

You may remember two years ago when Sheriff Deputy Jeffrey Ellison arrested Barnes.
He and Fournier were tracking a tornado for their job with Violent Skies Tours and sending the information to the national weather service.

According to court documents, the two claims Ellison put both of them in danger by driving through the heart of a storm they were chasing.

Now they're suing Ellison, along with Sheriff Richard Deleon, Crane, the Crane County Commissioners and the Sheriff's Office for an unknown amount in punitive damages.

NewsWest 9 called the county to find out their reaction.

We're told they haven't seen the lawsuit yet.

As for the Sheriff's Office, we've been missing each others calls.

We'll try to get their reaction as soon as possible.