Special Meeting Held in Big Spring to Try and Scale Down Water Park Cost

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's still a hot topic in Big Spring. On Tuesday, the new Mayor and the city council held a special meeting to discuss construction of a new water park. In the end, the Mayor didn't get his way.

The new Mayor was hoping that he could get the support from the city council to try to scale down the water park project but was turned down by a majority vote. One of the propositions brought up at the meeting was to try and rebuild the old pool and add water Park features but the city council opted on keeping the original 4.2 million dollar plan. The old city pool was decades old and was shut down last summer because it didn't meet the new federal regulations.

The new aquatic family center is designed to include a sand area, lazy river and a splash area for the kids. Mayor Tommy Duncan is hoping they can try to cut some cost of the plan in time for kids next summer.

"We are able to move forward. We hope to have some water activities open next year for the children to participate in. I hope we can scale back drastically on the cost," Big Spring Mayor, Tommy Duncan, said.

The city council voted unanimously back in March to approve the certificates of obligation for 4.2 million dollars. The Mayor and city council will be looking at options that they can agree on to reduce cost. The next city council meeting will be held next Tuesday. They hope to come up with a list of changes to save some money.