Tall City Shares Secrets to Success

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Political eyes were on Midland Wednesday. The Tall City's exceptionally low unemployment rate is making one Congressman take notice.

5.6 percent, that's the Tall City's unemployment rate, which means it's tied for the lowest in Texas.

Senator John Cornyn wants to share the city's success secrets with folks in Washington.

"I just want to figure out how y'all do that," Cornyn said. "If we can bottle it, we can probably sell that around the country."

Local businesses are more than happy to help.

"It's good because I've talked with people from Michigan and up northern states and it's good they can look at us and learn," Robbie Watters said.

Watters is the Operations Manager for NG Resources, just one of many companies growing in the Tall City.

Since coming to Midland in 2007, it's seen steady growth and that expansion means more local jobs.

"Being privately held you can continue to grow even with the different issues that come up that make it more difficult," Watters said. "You just have to adapt."

Like many Tall City companies, partnerships with the Midland Development Corporation and city officials are part of the company's success.

"Really I think what the lesson to learn here in Midland is what strong local leadership can do," Cornyn said.

Not only companies with ties to oil and gas are prospering. Cornyn says Midland's dedication to help all types of businesses is a lesson everyone should learn.

Now the secret's heading to Washington, D.C. and will hopefully help other cities prosper.