Holiday Traffic Minimal Across Midland

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Memorial Day weekend is usually a popular time for people to hit the roads, but this year, traffic on the roads turned out to be not as big of a problem as usual.

"This weekend has been fairly quiet, a little over the slower side. With holiday on Monday we usually see less traffic and fewer problems," Sgt. Jason Lee, with the Midland Police Department, said.

Officials say they have the usual patrol cars out, but nothing extra; usually they're out just to track down any DWI's.

"It's actually been fairly quiet, no major incidents or accidents; nothing but the ordinary," Sgt. Lee said.

Authorities say the lighter traffic this Memorial Day might have a lot to do with less people traveling in a sour economy.

"Memorial Day weekend, seems like people just stay home this time and less trouble on the streets," Sgt. Lee said.

Midland Police officers say they're not just on the lookout for impaired drivers or speeders, but to pull over anyone violating the seat belt law.