Firefighters Fear More Grassfires Could Spark Up

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The West Odessa Volunteer Firefighters say there just hasn't been enough rain to help the drought situation, and they're worried with windy conditions and dry weather more grass fires could spark in the next few weeks.
"Our drought percentage is up again and it's pretty dry out here. Everything out here is green but it's a double edged sword, we don't have enough moist days that it will dry it all up quick and we'll have a real problem," West Odessa Volunteer Fire Chief, Jimmy Ellis, said.

Ellis says the recent rain just wasn't enough especially since the wind can dry out the area a lot faster, and with warmer days ahead it can be a dangerous problem.

"Even though it's green, it can still burn up pretty fast. We had a grass fire the other day, and we couldn't get to it, so we had to wait until it came to us," Ellis said.

Firefighters say they're doing what they can to battle the flames, but residents need to do their part.

"First thing people need to do is clean up around their house and cut grass and dead plants, that way it won't burn up so fast," Ellis said.

The next goal is to try and get new radios for each of their volunteer firefighters, but since the county cut their budget, getting new equipment will take longer than expected.