Hobbs Police Deploy New Patrol Cars

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - The Hobbs Police Department rolled out the latest in its crime-fighting technology.

10 new Dodge Chargers hit the streets recently with a brand new look.

Each new car is equipped with special tough-book computers.

These computers are fully wireless and allow officers to complete and e-mail incident reports, check for criminal records and pull up mug shots right from the car.

They also have digital cameras, which automatically downloads pictures, when officers pull into the parking lot.

Hobbs Police rotate their patrol cars out every eight years.  
You can also check out the Hobbs Police Department on Facebook.
They set up a page back in February and have over three thousand fans.

Hobbs Police tells NewsWest 9, they post something almost everyday and are using the social network site as just one more way to communicate with the public.