MIdland Animal Services Wants 'No-Kill' Shelter Next Door to Existing Shelter

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

M,IDLAND - Just last year more than 4,000 stray animals were euthanized by Midland Animal Services, and while the numbers may have decreased a bit since then officials are now working on a plan to alleviate the number of animals being put down.

"Ideally one of the goals of the coalition is to make it a no kill facility," Paul O'Neil, Director of Animal Services, said.

Midland Animal Services and Midland Human Coalition want to build a no kill, adoption only facility right next door to the existing city shelter. Officials say doing so will give cats and dogs a better chance at finding a home.

"Right now we're busy doing code enforcement, rabies and adoption is at the bottom of our list, so it would help to have an adoption only facility," O'Neil said.

While other organizations may agree with the idea of a new shelter, others are skeptical with how it will all come together.

"It could take four years to adopt out a dog, I don't know that they will give them that kind of time, I hope they make it more welcoming atmosphere so that people will want to come in," Pet Solution spokesperson, Debbie Ellinger, said.

Ellinger says no matter what differences each organization may have, one thing they can all agree on is the importance of finding a home for each stray animal.

"I think we can try to work together, we can at least go to the meeting and hopefully do something because animals are worth coming together to work on something," Ellinger said.

Midland Animal Services will present the proposed plan to City Council in the near future.