Chain Reaction Accident in Midland Leaves Behind a Big Mess

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tall City Police say some local drivers are lucky to be alive after a chain reaction led to a five vehicle accident on Saturday in Midland which forced police to block off most of a major intersection.

Authorities tell NewsWest 9, the accident at Midland Drive and Wadley all started with a single driver around 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

Officers say the driver of a red Dodge suffered a personal medical condition while driving east on Wadley.

He ended up swerving his truck in and out of the outside lane and hit another truck.

The impact sent a second truck right into a telephone pole, which fell and damaged two vehicles.

The red Dodge hit two other trucks in the accident, which left scattered vehicles across the intersection.

Three victims were transported, but none of them had life-threatening injuries.