Sibley Nature Center Cleaning Up After Friday’s Storms

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Friday's severe storms left behind a big mess for the Sibley Nature Center in Midland.

The Center planned a big event for this weekend, but flooding problems may set them back.

"We got about 7 inches in about 2 hours. It seemed to just stall here and now the pond is 4 to 5 times its size," Richard Galle, Director of Operations for the Sibley Nature Center, said.

Friday's rain storm left so much water behind; workers at the nature center are now trying to revamp their walking trails before this Saturday's expansion project event.

"We have the brand new trail shelter well under water, so we want to dry it. We want people to be able to complete the trail," Galle said.

Luckily, there were no major damages inside the building, just minor leaks and officials are confident it's nothing that can't be fixed before the event.

"It scared the heck out of us. We were lucky to have a crew here at that time who had proper equipment to make a dam and that stopped it," Sibley Nature Center Executive Director, Burr Williams, said.

While they're hoping for clear skies for the rest of the week, Williams says they'll be prepared the next time around.

"We don't expect this to happen again, but we read the flow and reconstructed a natural dam and that fixed the problem," Williams said.