Big Spring High School Students Making a Difference

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Some high school students are making a big difference in Big Spring. They've taken what they learned in the classroom and put it into practice in the real world.

Nine gifted and talented juniors have worked on a project all year long aimed at making the community a better place. At the beginning of the year, the students choose a topic or a field that they are interested in. Then, they have an entire year to work on the project and make it a reality.

One of the students project was to involve the high school students in preserving Big Spring. These students went out and cleaned out the Spring. The project caught the attention of Keep Big Spring Beautiful and they plan to make the cleanup an annual event. All of the projects that the students completed have started something positive in the community.

"It's an incredible opportunity for kids to have a voice and to be able to look at a problem area and realize that if they put a little work in to it and follow through with it .They can actually make a difference," ISM Coordinator, Jenifer Adams, said.

Each of the projects are graded by individuals that are in the field that the project is geared. The students will present their projects on Tuesday to the judges.

Five of the nine students will be chosen and in the summer they will go on compete in Region 18.