Flood Cleanup Continues Across West Texas

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

The cleanup is underway across the Basin to fix stalled or flooded cars and pump out all the water from hundreds of homes. The severe storms Friday left their mark.

"They are thinking it doesn't look that bad I can go across it by the time they realize it's to late," Erby Zarate, owner of E & R Automotive, said.

Hundreds of car owners are left without a ride this weekend. Many of them tried to cross high waters and never made it through now they're lining up for repairs.

"Here at my car shop, you pick a number and wait patiently, so we can repair it," Zarate said.

E and R Automotives in Midland is packed with flooded cars.  Fixing them won't be an easy.

"An average car takes 2 weeks to repair the engine and 3 weeks to clean the inside with detail," Zarate said.

Many homes and businesses also suffered plenty of water damage. But if the water isn't removed properly, you could start seeing numerous problems build up.

"If you don't call professionals you will have mold or bacteria levels. Everyone thinks hey I got water in the house get it out. What's important is ground water and dirt want to treat them with antimicrobial," Randal Free from Free Unflood Services, said.

Lots of West Texas homes are left with all kinds of flood damage. It has local flood cleaners working overtime.

"We are working around the clock. We actually worked yesterday till we ran out of drying equipment," Free said.

Free says it's a good idea to check around your house carefully to make sure water didn't get in. Even though it's a busy weekend, Monday is expected to be just as busy.

"Monday, all insurance companies will be getting phone calls on what they need to do for those homes and cars," State Farm Agent, Eddy Ohlenburg, said.

The costs could add up quickly for thousands of West Texans.