Andrews Residents Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS--A time capsule was unearthed in front of the county courthouse.  It's all part of the city's centennial celebration, this year.

According to Gary Gaston, Centennial Chairperson, "We actually opened two time capsules representing the history of Andrews County."

The city of Andrews is looking good for having just turned 100 years old.  It's like the sign in front of the county courthouse says,  they are celebrating the past and embracing the future.

"We had items that represented the oil companies, the service companies, that helped make Andrews County what it is, as far as the oil industry.  We had items from the school system.  Kids would write a note about Andrews," Gaston explained.

Memorabilia from the Diamond Jubilee in 1960 and items that date the city's history back to 1910 were all inside.  Some got a little water damaged over the years, but that doesn't take away from their significance.

"It's great for people to have a chance to look back at the history of 100 years out here, it's pretty significant.  It's a time to really think about the future too," State Representative Tryon Lewis, said.

The items were taken from two separate time capsules, one buried in 1985 and the other in 1960.  They will on public display for a while, then it's back in a box and underground, yet again.

Gaston tells NewsWest 9, "We'll take items from both time capsules, consolidate those items down, place them in a new time capsule that will go into the ground somewhere around August the 6th."

With plans to make another time capsule, Rep. Lewis and the proclamation he made Monday morning could be a part of history too.

"It is an honor to have it included and that is one of the nice things about being in office.  You have an opportunity to participate in history, in a more visible sense if you weren't in office," Lewis said.

Gaston says Andrews' growth is obvious, even from the days that he was county judge.  He, like everyone else, is looking forward to what the next 100 hundred years have in store, "I look forward to WCS and expanding that operation and LES, expanding those operations in the western part of the county and continued growth."