Midland's Chinese Pavilion Demolished

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - NewsWest 9 has been telling you about the Chinese Pavilion at Beal Park constructed by Midland's sister city in China. Now, that gift is broken down into pieces.

"We debated a lot. Of course it was a gift and we hate to tear something down that was given to the city, but they understand what we're up against," Director of Community Services, Monette Burke said.

Midland City Officials say the pavilion, once given by Midland's sister city Dong Ying, China, has been through so much damage, that tearing it down is the best option.
"We envisioned this place developed but it never happened and it just gave in to vandalism's and weather related damage," Burke said.

Officials tell NewsWest 9, while the original structure has seen the last of its days this won't be the last time the Chinese Pavilion will be in Midland.

"About a year from now we hope to build a brand new one over at Windlands Park near Midland College. It has better traffic in that area and we hope people will look after it and take better care of it," Burke said.

City officials say part of the original pieces of the pavilion was given to art students at Midland College.