Fort Stockton ISD Considering Voucher Program for Dress Code Policy

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Concerns from parents in Fort Stockton. They're worried about how a new uniform policy by the school district will be implemented.

The policy takes effect next year and that's when all students will be required to wear a uniform

But with many families struggling, paying for the uniforms could be a burden on their finances.

Sylvia Rangel is in favor of the uniforms, but she would like to see the school board implement what is called a voucher program.

She says this would take the pressure off of families who need financial help.

"My ultimate goal is to get the funding for these children. Apparently the policy is there so the only way to change it is for parents to come up and if they don't want to have the uniforms, then the parents have to stand up and go to the school board meeting and have their say so, and if they are for it, and if they just want funding to go and speak to the school board also," Sylvia Rangel, who favors the Voucher Program, said.

Right now, the school board is talking about a voucher program, but nothing has been approved yet.

NewsWest 9 spoke to School Board Member Oscar Gonzalez who said local stores have guaranteed that they will have the uniforms in stock when school starts this fall.

Gonzalez mentioned that it's very important for parents to attend the next school board meeting on May 24th.

At that time, they'll discuss whether to move forward with plans for a voucher program.