Hair Salon Uses Hair Cuts to Help Gulf Oil Spill

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Folks across the Basin are helping out with the Gulf oil-spill simply by getting a hair-cut. The program takes hair or fur from salons and pet grooming businesses, compresses it into a matte, then ships it out to the Gulf.

Sports Clips in Midland gave NewsWest 9 a first hand look at how it works. They put oil inside a container filled with water then used the hair clippings to sop it up. And it only takes a few minutes to absorb all the oil.

"Hopefully Sports Clips as a whole can get in on this," Sports Clips Manager, Jesseca Horn, said. "We have 700 stores. We're filling up a big trash bag a day of hair, so that could be a big contribution to helping everybody out."

The Midland branch contacted the state-wide manager of Sports Clips, who decided to get all 700 stores across the state on board.