Final Two Big Spring Mayor Candidates Discuss Upcoming Election with NewsWest 9

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Big Spring voters will decide on a city leader in Saturday's election. There are four candidates running and on Thursday, NewsWest 9 introduced you to two of them.

NewsWest 9 talked to the other candidates about their goals for the city. Oscar Velasco and incumbent Mayor Russ McEwen each have a different vision for the future of Big Spring. We asked both of them why they think they're the right person for the job.

"First of all I felt there has to be a change, we must have a new beginning, we can't keep going the way we are," Big Spring Mayoral candidate, Oscar Velasco, said.

Oscar Velasco has been a resident of Big Spring for 12 years. He's running for Mayor because he feels it's time for some new blood at city hall.

"People have been trenched for twelve years and have done some good things, most of them were wasteful of money," Velasco said.

Velasco is a Texas Tech graduate and was a teacher for many years. If elected he wants to make gymnasiums for teenagers, clean up the city, and address Big Spring's drug problem.

But while Velasco and the other two candidates want change, incumbent Russ McEwen wants to stay just a little longer to see the end of some projects, including the restoration of the Settles Hotel and other improvements in downtown.

"I decided to run one more term, I wanted to see those two projects come to a conclusion and to  make sure everything is done the way I feel it needs to be done," Big Spring Mayor, Russ McEwen, said.

McEwen has been Mayor of Big Spring for 10 years.

"Big Spring is a better place today than it was 10 years ago. A great number of things changed and made us a better community," McEwen said.

McEwen also wants to see the municipal auditorium re-opened if he's re-elected, voters will have the final say.

"I would encourage them to go out and vote even if it's not for me," Velasco said.

"Big Spring has the opportunity to say this is who we want to be Mayor," McEwen said.

The election will be held on Saturday at the high school library.