Hobbs City-Wide Survey Shows Residents' Concerns

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NM - From drugs and crime, to police activity and vacant buildings, the numbers are in on an extensive city-wide survey in Hobbs. The numbers show residents have lots of worries and concerns.

This week, the Community Drug Coalition presented their city survey to the city council, and it's pretty extensive. They got almost 1,000 people to participate, and from what NewsWest 9 could tell, youth truancy, drugs, and vacant buildings were all on the list of concerns.     

Coalition members said the results will help the group plan for the next year, and provide some numbers for the city commission to use. Chairwoman Kathi Bearden told NewsWest 9, some of the issues are already being addressed by the city. Vacant buildings across the city are being condemned, but the numbers show they are still a concern. 

In addition, the survey also shows Hobbs residents do see drugs as a problem. Bearden said the drug section of the survey showed people are educated about the problem.

"It's a great feeling that the public has an awareness of alcohol, drugs, and prescription drug use," Bearden said. "That there's an awareness and an education about substance abuse that exceeded my expectation of what the public knew."

Residents overwhelmingly said they believe a Substance Addiction Treatment Center should be established in Lea County (88% affirmative). 

One other interesting area residents felt strongly was poor lighting around town or in their neighborhood.

Aside from all the concerns, the good news is most residents ranked the Police Department as being visible around town (more than 86%). 

The results will go to businesses and city officials to use if they choose.