Fort Stockton Apartment Building Infested With Bats

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Residents at the Oasis Apartments in Fort Stockton say seeing a large flock of bats at night has become a common thing, but now they want something done about it.

"You go to sleep at night and wake up with bats," Tenant, Peggy Murray said.

The apartment buildings may be clear of bats for now, but once the sun sets, residents say those unwanted neighbors come back in large groups.

"I went into the kitchen and saw a bat and I tried sweeping it with a broom and it flew out," Murray said.

That's when she notified the apartment manager.

"Every year, we have a bat problem. We sealed everything three years ago and I thought we had it under control but I guess not; they're back," Apartment Manager, Charles Maddin, said.

Maddin says no matter how well they seal the building up, the bats somehow find their way in through tiny cracks.

"They say they can come into spaces as small as a nickel," Maddin said.

"There's hundreds of bats, and I'm just concerned about the kids because some of them have rabies," Tenant, Noe Lujan said.

The apartment managers say they're going to set traps to get as many bats out as they can before re-sealing the outside of the building.