City of Odessa Offering Affordable Housing for the Workforce

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--Odessans who dream of owning a home, now have a shot to do it without going broke.  If that's you, you better hurry before the chance is gone.

According to Merita Sandoval, Director of Community Development, "It's for people who can make a house payment but couldn't afford a payment in the $200,000 price range."

The question, what to do with an empty piece of donated land and citizens wanting a place to call their own, at a price they can afford?  For the City of Odessa, the answer was simple.

"This is workforce housing and it's geared for the working person who cannot normally afford houses that were typically being built when we started this housing addition," Sandoval said.

Houses start around $85,000, instead of $200,000, with a variety of floor plans to choose from.

The houses being built at the Hendley two Project are conveniently located about a block or two from Hays Elementary, Grandview Ave., Dixie and even Interstate 20, making it an ideal location for families with school age children and working moms and dads.

Sandoval says, the donate land was a big plus, "It's a very good placement of the project.  In order to try to keep the costs down for the housing, so there was no land cost built into the cost of the construction of the house, that played a big part in it."

But home owners aren't the only ones who benefit.  Thanks to the Workforce Housing Incentive Program, developers who build and sell in a certain price range, get a little something too.

"As long as it meets some minimum requirements, the city will provide them with anywhere between four and five thousand dollars as an incentive for building that house and selling it to a person who can qualify for the mortgage," Sandoval said.

When it's done, there will 53 new homes built.  Now, there are 30 either being built or already have families living in them.  That leaves 20 lots, still available, if you're interested.

"Anybody can qualify.  As long as you can qualify for a mortgage, you can buy a house here," Sandoval added.