Midland Firefighters Get New Gadget

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Battling flames in a smoke filled room without the proper tools can make a firefighter's job even tougher.

"Back then we used to have a flash light and ax, and hold on to each other when we walked into a burning building. We were basically doing it blind," Midland Fire Captain, Drew Peters said.

Now, that has all changed thanks to the money raised by Midland Citizen Fire Academy and donations from the city; a new thermal imaging camera is one of the most vital tools firefighters can have.

"We recently had a few structure fires and as always its a great tool. It's an important tool to help us pick up a fire in a house," Assistant Fire Chief, Fritz Niggeler said.

Firefighters say the new cameras can help with search and rescue and can find people quicker in a smoke filled room.

"We can go in and search house much quicker. Recently when I walked into a warehouse burning, and I immediately saw my crew in the fire where normally I would have just a 2 feet visibility. Now it's like night and day," Peters said.

Midland firefighters say they would like to eventually get the latest gadget on all their trucks.

"They are a lot more dependable. We don't want to have failure of battery when we're out to rescue people," Niggeler said.