MISD Announces Finalist for Superintendent Job

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A big announcement Monday night from the Midland school district. They've chosen the finalist for the superintendent seat that's opening up when Dr. Sylvester Perez retires in June.

School leaders and teachers filled up the board room welcoming in their top choice for Midland Superintendent, Dr. Ryder Warren. Dr. Warren has served as superintendent for the Marble Falls District for the past seven years. Before that, he held two other superintendent roles. As he met the people who make up the Midland district, he said, it's good to be home in West Texas.

"I am West Texas," Dr. Warren, said. "I was born and raised in a small community outside of Lubbock. When we were looking, if there's another move past where we're at right now, we want to move to a place that has the same morals and values we want to instill in our children."

Dr. Warren graduated from Texas Tech and later worked at the Crane schools as superintendent. Since Dr. Perez announced his retirement in January, the decision to name Dr. Warren as finalist hasn't been a fast or easy one.

"The difficult task was taking that down from 25," Jay Isaacs, President of the Midland ISD Board of Trustees, said. "We whittled it down to 12, then down to 6. That was a tough and long night because you're looking at very qualified candidates."

At that point, they interviewed those 6 candidates then brought in two of those for second interviews. After that lengthy process, the Board of Trustees decided Dr. Ryder Warren stood out from the rest.

"First and foremost, he's very student-focused," Isaacs said. "Secondly, he's very teacher-focused as well. He also has a good track record with the accountability and state funding issues we have in Texas. They're very difficult to manage and he has a lot of experience with that."

"We're excited to be here, we want to make this our home and be a part of this community as well as the school district," Dr. Warren said.

There's a 21 day required waiting-period before Dr. Warren can begin work. That time gives district officials a chance to investigate his references and work history and it also gives Dr. Warren and his family a chance to learn about the Midland school system. If all goes according to plan, he'll launch into the new role this coming July.