New Sales Tax Could Be on the Way for Coahoma Residents

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA - The city wants more money from Coahoma residents. The plan is to up the sales tax but city leaders say consumers won't even notice the difference in the check-out line.

The City of Coahoma is asking voters for their support to help adopt a new sales tax. That means that the sales tax would increase by half a percent.

"Its not much to us when we buy a coke or a burger, but those half cents mount up over years time," Coahoma Mayor, Warren Wallace, said.

Mayor Warren Wallace says the sales tax shouldn't affect consumers too much. Currently the sales tax for the city of Coahoma is 7.25%, if voters approve this the hike, the sales tax would increase to 7.75%.

The Mayor says this is still less than what other cities have.

"Other communities have higher tax, therefore they receive the benefits our community is missing out on," Wallace said.

One of the benefits, an economic development corporation in Coahoma.

"If they are approved, then we'll form an economic development board of 7 people," Wallace said.

The board appointed volunteers would help bring businesses to town and help with projects that the city might want to pursue, and Coahoma residents say this is a good thing.

"I think it's a good idea, it will help," Coahoma Resident, Randy Overton, said.

The city says that with this extra cash they will also be able to pursue other projects like city parks and improve water and sewer lines.

Coahoma Voters will decide on the issue on May 8th.