Baby Javelina Leads Animal Control on Morning Chase Through Odessa

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's not something you see everyday, a baby Javelina wandering around Sherwood Park in Odessa.

A NewsWest 9 viewer let us know about the feral hog, just after 9:00 Monday morning.

When our camera crew got there about the same time as animal control, but the little guy had made its way to Clover Avenue which was a couple of blocks away.

From there, the Javelina ran all the way over to VFW Lane with animal control hot on it's heels.

Eventually, the Javelina got away.

Animal control officials say if you see the Javelina, don't try to catch it.

They can be very dangerous.

Just call them and let them deal with it.