New Day Care Rules Could Mean Price Hike

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Department of Family and Protective Services wants fewer children per adult caretaker, but that could mean hiring more staff, and that cost will be passed on to parents.

"As a parent of a toddler and being a single mother, just to pay for day care the price is high enough," Tiffany Madrid, who sends her daughter to day care, said.

Madrid says hearing about a possible hike in the cost of day care will make it harder for her to scrape together the cost.

"Times have changed. We can't rely on our mothers or grandmothers to take care of our kids. We have to work," Madrid said.
The Department of Family and Protective Services wants to improve the ratio between the number of kids and the adults looking after them. 

Day care providers would have to make some dramatic changes.

"Unfortunately the financial end of it will be passed on to parents, because I'll have to hire more staff, and prices will have to go up," Gayle Woodruff, with Little Dreamers Learning Center, said.
Woodruff added she isn't looking forward to the 'possible' changes in day care rules.

"I feel for the parents because now they have to look at their budget and say 'ok we can't eat out this week'; if I have to raise my prices, I might lose children, and I don't want to do that," Woodruff said.

If approved, the changes will take effect December 1st. So far the day care centers NewsWest 9 spoke to say they're not sure how much of their prices will go up.