Ward County Residents Find Dead Animals on Their Property

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

WARD COUNTY - Some Ward County residents are trying to solve a big mystery.

Nearly 10 animals dropped dead near Monahans this past week for no apparent reason.

The sudden death of healthy dogs, goats and even sheep got one family to leave their home.

That family and the land owner say they want someone to pinpoint this mysterious killer.

"It started off with my Chihuahua and then my second dog, Chloe, she's a medium sized dog, and then my pit bull who's really healthy he was a big dog," Former Resident, Stephanie Morales, said. "Now sheep and livestock."

Something strange and deadly is going on right outside of Monahans this week.

Morales says healthy animals are dropping dead.

"It made me feel really scared because all of my animals were really healthy," she said. "My dogs were really healthy."

The Morales' had lived in their home for about two years before they moved out. During that time they hadn't noticed any problems until about a week ago when they found two of their dogs dead right near the house.

Almost immediately, Morales got the Ward County Sheriff's Office involved and a deputy checked things out.

"He came out here and he said that we probably shouldn't be here, we should get out of here," she said. "So, I left and stayed at a friend's house until my husband got off work."

But it's not just her animals. After Morales moved her family, she learned there were more victims.

"(I lost) around nine goats and five sheep," Property owner, Jose Luis Ruiz, said. "I'm not to sure, they just died I don't know why."

Ruiz said he first noticed the deaths last year.

"I'm kind of mad, but I can't do anything," Ruiz said.

They have no idea what's causing the deaths, but a sheriff's deputy told Morales the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality or the Environmental Protection Agency may have to come take a look around.

She says they haven't so far, but hopes they do soon.

"If it can affect them right outside my back door, why couldn't it affect us or my small children," Morales said. "I think it can definitely affect humans. I mean it took (my dogs) down in like 24 hours."

She hopes the mystery is solved before things get even worse.