Toddler Remains in the Hospital after Dog Attack

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

Odessa toddler Braydon Wright remains in the hospital after the family dog suddenly attacked and nearly killed him.

It happened over a week ago, but the medical bills are already over a million dollars.

"It hurts that I can't do nothing about it," Braydon's father, Barry Wright said. "If I could switch with him I would."

19-month-old Braydon Wright will have to live with scars because Blue, his great grandmother's blue healer, attacked him on April 15.

"When I saw what he was fixing to do, I hollered 'no Blue no,'" Braydon's great grandmother, Reba Daniels said. "But he didn't pay me any mind. It was like he didn't hear me."

Little Braydon came outside to play with his 91-year-old great grandmother when all of a sudden the dog attacked him. Daniels said she tried to pull the dog off repeatedly, but she just wasn't strong enough. So, it wasn't until Braydon's parents came out that they were finally able to free the child.

The family insists Blue wasn't a violent dog. They say he often played with Braydon and other children.

After learning the dog later had multiple seizures while in the care of Animal Control and eventually died of a stroke, the family now believes a seizure brought on the attack.

"I cried for three days," Daniels said. "It was a nightmare."

The toddler was airlifted to a Lubbock hospital where his parents now sit by his side.

"He's starting to come around slowly," Barry Wright said. "There's still a lot of stuff they say he's going to need therapy and things like that"

So far, the little boy has had brain surgery and more than 900 stitches put in his face and doctors aren't sure if he'll be able to keep his right eye.

"I'm sorry it happened and I couldn't help it," Daniels said. "It still hurts. I don't want him scarred up."

Now his parents worry about paying off growing medical bills.

"I guess I'll pay the best way I know how and that's just work and pay what I can," Barry Wright said. "They say it's close to over a million dollars in hospital bills."

But family members say they know they can get through this nightmare.

On Saturday, Braydon was still in Lubbock, but his grandmother told NewsWest 9 they hope he'll be able to come home sometime on Sunday.

Anyone interested in helping the Wright family pay the little boy's medical bills can make a donation to the benefit account they set up in Braydon's name at Commercial State Bank.