Big Spring Mayor Candidates Face Off in Public Debate

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Candidates in the Big Spring Mayor's race faced off Thursday night on issues facing the city.

The debate took place in the Cactus Room on the Howard College Campus.

The venue proved to be too small for all the people that came to see the debate.

The candidates answered questions on hot topics such as the construction of the water park, the infrastructure and the water quality in the city.

Voters said that valuable information will help them choose the candidate they want to see in office.

"I'm very glad that we were able to hear from all the candidates and I have definitely made my decision," Big Spring Resident, Norma Garcia, said.

"It gave people the opportunity to see all the candidates all in one place. See the pros and cons of each candidate and I think you can make a more informed decision when you go to vote," Big Spring Resident, Danna Baker, said.

"I think they have four really good candidates that they have to choose from. I think they all talked about issues that are important to their possible constituents. If you are a voter in Big Spring, you have a tough choice ahead," Michael Quinn Sullivan, who moderated the debate, said.

Organizers say it's been years since a heated debate took place in Big Spring.

Residents are hoping the debates will continue throughout the years, not only for the mayor's race, but other races as well.