City of Big Spring Finds Another Water Source to Help Solve Dirty Water Problem

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's been a big problem in Big Spring. Their water quality isn't the best and now the city is implementing some changes to address the issue.

Big Spring officials say their main water problem is being caused from the algae in Lake Spence, where the city currently gets their water supply.

So now, they're getting some of their water from Lake Ivie which doesn't have that problem.

The city had been trying to change their source for months and they were finally able to get that done. They found out that the algae in Lake Spence was causing the turbidity levels to go up.

You may remember, Big Spring hired a firm out of Lubbock to figure out what was causing their dirty water. Now with the new source, they are seeing some changes at the treatment plant.

"As of Sunday, our water quality has been better at the treatment plant, nothing has changed. The water quality is a whole lot better for us and we are seeing some great results in our effort," Assistant City Manager, Todd Darden. said.

Officials say it's going to be a slow process before customers see this new water. Because they have to get the new water through all of the pipelines and the water they already have in reserve.

In the meantime, the city and the consulting firm are trying to get things worked out with the Colorado Municipal Water District to come up with a way to fix the quality of the water from Lake Spence.